pink tongue lolled out of one side of her mouth, and her head was cocked playfully. Black Unisex Adidas X Juun J Promodel 80s Hi On Feet Trainers;This isnrsquo;t a game. Itrsquo;s time for you to go in your crate and get some rest.rdquo; Emma tried to make that proposition sound wildly attractive by using her most persuasive tone of voice.It didnrsquo;t fool Bette. Just White Unisex Adidas X Juun J Promodel 80s Hi On Feet Trainersas Emma was about to close her hand on Bettersquo;s collar, Bette took off again at a brisk trot, looking back over her shoulder to see if Emma was following. Emma backed out from under the table, certain that her dark hair, even though fairly short, was standing on end. ;You little rascal,rdquo; she shook her fist at Bette which only seemed to excite the puppy more. She tilted her head and looked at Emma as if to say what a fun game this is, before taking off again. ;That dog is busier than a moth in a mitten.rdquo;


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