Design Web, when talk of create, or design, first must start by ask us whats what genuinely wish to and so, its that see with the objective that are looking for with the project that are looking to perform. When we come in this phase is suitable do the next questions:• What would you design? a blog or a web site• Would you want a store. Informative, personal website?• What do wish to accomplish and achieve with this particular project?• Whats the purpose of the project? , would produce a personal brand, get more customers, or just information?• What is and which offers, products, services, news, opinions, ideas, knowledge?All Web design, identifies the planning and implementation of decisive factors which means that your Site features a good performance. These factors include: usability, structure, functionality, style and content.Usability, normally all webpages, own a property or home, which is the entrance to your website, welcome, this corresponds to the place where first reach users through exactly the same domain. Is refers to the degree of ease and satisfaction with that them users is handled within the web site Structure, own a website, contact, who were and the blog (the latter if it is considered to use the positioning browsing engines, or want communication with your customers and readers). The structure is area of the Web design, describes probably the most visible structure, such as for instance navigation menus and those less visible as the interior links, categories and tags. Are you known as architecture web.Well-designed structure depends upon the positioning of the web, as this along side usability and functionality determines that google can know very well what the web.Google determines the degree of usability of the website, under certain parameters such as for example, the time users spent within exactly the same, the amount of page views in one single visit, the rate of rebound, the loading speed, lengthy or very short content. Functionality, identifies the appropriate technical operation of the net site. As an example, aside for a credit card applicatoin or a website to be easy to use, if not carry out its function, not is going to be useful or value user. A Web design is functional when it conforms to the objective which is why it was created. Content, this consists of text and images, should be easy, coherent, nourished, dynamic, of easy reading and understanding, tone of the writing, and others is say, that must be free of errors spelling. There should be coherence between pages and within them.


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