DsGenie is comprised of 3 elements, 1. Revolutionary Software, 2. Step by Step Training and 3. A Successful Community. A few other companies have tried to help people like you become successful drop shippers but they are all missing one thing or another. The Sucess Rate at DsGenie is atranomical and this is two to the fact that we have these 3 important elements in our system. Our Software is created for Drop Shippers by Drop Shippers. We even take input from our subscribers to ensure that we keep up to date with the growing needs of our members. Our training to to the point. We focus on the factors that will affect your success and nothing else. We know that you have limited time in a day and we do not want to waste any of it on actions that do into generate income. Our community communicates on both Facebook and Skype. Due to that fact that we limit DsGenie’s membership, our successful members have no problem helping the new guys.


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