Bravilor Bonamat filter coffee machine, ideal for offices it brews three pints (1.8 litres) of filter coffee in 5 minutes. Bravilor Novo 2 hand filled coffee brewer has two 3 pint glass jugs, and two hot plates to stand them on. Brew and keep hot upto 6 pints of coffee at any one time. The stainless steel bodywork is robust and easy to keep clean.Three pint pour and serve filter coffee maker, the Bravilor Novo 2 filter coffee machine with two hot plates and two three pint jugs. One of our most popular work horse filter coffee machine, the easy to clean stainless steel construction of this filter coffee machine make it a favourite with offices, cafes and restaurants alike. Filter coffee is the easy way to serve many people with fresh coffee, this machine makes enough coffee for twelve drinks in 5 minutes, and will hold two jugs on the two hot plates keeping upto 24 cups of coffee until needed. With our Pennine easy to use filter coffee sachets, all the instructions are on the back so anybody in the office can make fresh filter coffee.


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