Welcome to WeCare Medical Centre, we are a tertiary multi-specialty hospital taking state-of-the-art facilities and expertise in all specialisms with capabilities of providing treatment to all types of General surgery Dubai.The General surgery Dubai unit aims to provide the highest standards of surgical care and facility to patients and regards patient’s opinions and commentaries as extremely valuable as they help to identify areas of success and opportunities for improvement.We provide outstanding General surgery Dubai care to all patients in outpatient, inpatient and the emergency department. Our team of honest, dedicated, expert and skilled staff always help and deliver top quality surgical care to our patients.We have a team of devoted surgeons, who adopt a policy to provide high quality medical care with compassion, excellence, and integrity. There is a different interest in Laparoscopic interventional surgery and we also do all caring of conservative surgeries like Breast Surgeries, Thyroid Surgeries, and Fistula and Varicose surgery.


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