How to Know if He LovWhen it comes to relationships, you always want to figure out how to know if he loves you back. Here are the signs he’s truly yours for good.Guys aren’t very good at telling us how they feel. And it’s not easy to confess how much you care about someone without knowing where they stand. But are you wondering how to know if he loves you back, without just asking him as much?It’s not very easy to read the way guys act. And since they’re not very good with expressing how they feel verbally, you’ll have to learn what his actions mean since for men, in particular, actions speak louder than words.Telling him you love him without knowing how he feels is hardIt’s probably the boldest thing you can do. Normally, women wait until they can tell just how the guy is feeling before going through with telling him. Otherwise, she’ll risk freaking him out or feeling rejected if he doesn’t say it back.You have to be very brave to tell a man how you feel without being certain yourself. Wouldn’t you rather just figure out how to tell if he loves you back beforehand? It makes it a lot easier and takes the pressure off of you quite a bit.


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