With so much activity taking place in the crypto world it is very much a case of making sure that you do your own due diligence. It is important to research anything you are thinking of investing in. Especially after the recent rise and fall in cryptocurrency values from last summer, autumn, and then down into the valleys of the recent ‘crypto winter’ fall in prices. Against this backdrop we have been trying to look at little more deeply at the market trends, what is happening, why are prices still so volatile, and what is driving them up and then down (and then up?) again.With this in mind I have signed up for the Huobi Research Weekly email newsletter digest, and I have been finding it a useful too. It is compiled and issued by the Huobipro exchange teamso they do have their finger on the pulse in terms of assessing the global trends taking place. They are based out of Singapore, which I do have a soft spot for after spending a week there in 2016 to learn all about their nation’s smart city initiatives and to also speak at a conference there.


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