today we will bring a juice to clean kidneys and liver in 5 days and still lose weight with this wonderful natural remedy.The most interesting thing is that this natural recipe has only two ingredients, which will be wonderful for your health in general.These ingredients are trusted because they are natural and receive many recommendations from those who use them.It will be two ingredients: lemon and parsley, are two very powerful natural remedies.The ability of the lemon even being acidic is great, it alkalizes the blood, improving and helping the blood flow in your veins and arteries.The parsley is rich in natural nutrients, such as vitamin A and C helping the skin, it has minerals of calcium, sulfur, iron, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus.Helps to cleanse the kidneys and all your device, it has a great diuretic action, that fights the swelling of the body, so it helps to lose weight.


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