n, Brian steered her with a firm grip on her elbow. They bypassed the ALL BLACK MENS NIKE SHOX 2017 NET TRAINERSelevator and slipped into the stairwell. He glanced up, momentarily considering the viability of ALL WHITE MENS NIKE SHOX 2017 NET TRAINERSreturning to the room shersquo;d occupied the night before. Then, he pulled her down toward the subterranean garage.The safe house had been compromised. At least two deputies had lost their lives, one of whom was a friend hersquo;d known for years. He wasnrsquo;t certain who he could trust, NAVY BLACK MENS NIKE SHOX 2017 NET TRAINERSand with Layla in the crosshairs, he wasnrsquo;t taking any chances. Hard-driving possessiveness pushed him forward. She kept up; her fingers linked tightly with his as they thundered down the stairs.They burst through the metal stairwell door into the garage. A forest green Honda was backin


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