e fact that the;family fortunerdquo; was, in fact, ill-gotten gains ON FEET UNISEX NIKE TENNIS CLASSIC AC BLACK WHITE TRAINERS from Grandparsquo;s collaboration with the Nazis. Some of the loot had been left behind, ON FEET UNISEX NIKE TENNIS CLASSIC AC LEATHER BLACK RED TRAINERS hidden on the farm where Gramps and Daddy had lived in Polandmdash;not far from Auschwitz.About a week ago, Prince Stefan had followed one of his grandfatherrsquo;s treasure maps and hersquo;d found nearly three million dollars in antique jewelry beneath the ON FEET UNISEX NIKE TENNIS CLASSIC AC LEATHER WHITE NAVY TRAINERSstraw-covered dirt floor of a dilapidated barn. Just as Grampy had promised.A more patient man mightrsquo;ve extracted the gems and melted down the precious metals, getting more for the items overall, but Prince Stev


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