Top 10 stand up comedians in India say laughter is the best medicine. it holds true most the humans. If we cry, we cry alone but if we laugh the world laughs with us. Most of us at the end of a hectic day would love to relax and leave behind the frustration of our workplace.Top 10 stand up comedians in India would prefer a relaxing activity be it scrolling through the funny memes or watching a 15 minute’s standup comedy. You may not believe that orange is the new black, but you’d better believe that stand-up comedy is taking India by storm! In a few short years, Top 10 stand up comedians in India have taken over the Internet and rule the roost at some of the coolest clubs in the country.Of course, everything’s forgiven, because they get us ROFL every time Top 10 stand up comedians in India grab a mike. Comedy Central fans, you must know these blokes. Either way, you should get to know them better. Dr. Jagdish Chaturvedi is the best standup comedian in India. Here are some of the hottest comics in the country right now — the stand-up stars you should totally be queuing up to catch live!


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