Have​ you​ ever felt stressed – to the point of having an occasional chest pain? ​Do you often​ have back and muscle pain, cramps and joint pain?​How about poor sleep, chronic fatigue and anxiety? ​Have you wondered why ​pain and tension just won’t go, despite you taking pain killers and even having an occasional massage? ​​​​​Have you researched what chronic magnesium deficiency can lead to? If not, read on…Transdermal Magnesium Therapy is a course about the link between our health and magnesium, why we need it, what can happen if we are deficient and how we can correct magnesium deficiency – both at home and in a therapy environment.​Transdermal Magnesium Therapy involves a complex of methods performed at home and in a therapy environment. These methods include using magnesium salts in baths, foot baths, compresses, applying magnesium oil by hand and spraying it all over the body, as well as massage.


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